Real life telenovela

Pics taken outside our office window.

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I’m partial about all this, to the point of being apathetic. I mean, does it have to be a call for people power for every political crisis?

“Trillanes also reiterated calls for Filipinos to support their cause and join in efforts to force President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to step down, saying it is the moral responsibility of the people to oppose abuses committed by the administration.”

I’m against corruption, abuse and what not, as the next pinoy – but I’m tired of the telenovela type of drama. It’s added stress, added traffic problems and it doesn’t help in any way how foreigners views our nation.

4 thoughts on “Real life telenovela

  1. i still had a client till late that’s why couldn’t leave right away. but look. after all the hoopla, everything’s back to normal. there’s nothing to be worried about.

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