Blessing Challenges to counter Ms. Scrooge

I’m a scrooge. I don’t particularly like Christmas season. Only because it heightens the fact that I’m usually alone. On normal days, I’m okay with it. But Christmas, well, there’s just something about it that it HAS to be with family, and you’re NOT supposed to be on your own. So my loneliest and most kawawa stories are usually Christmas-time and noche buena stories. Not that all my Christmases have been bad. The past two were pretty great. But the fact that the ones before that were downright crappy, is a memory that I haven’t been able to forget. Maybe I need a few more good times to counter the negative scrooge-like feelings for the supposed Merry season.

But for late, I couldn’t help it. I’ve been disliking Christmas songs over the radio and change stations right away (unless it’s a chipmunk or Southpark version – then it’s just funny), avoid the over-exaggerated malls as much as I can, bit off my colleagues’ choice of music a bit too many times already (it’s not YET Christmas – in my defense, it was still October then) and have already started saying to carolers “tawad!” in my most Scrooge-like way, hoping against hope that they bug me closer to the 25th, if at all.

I can’t hide for long. I know that. I have reasons to enjoy this season. My mom’s coming home (although she won’t make it to Christmas). Reg will be here too. So will JC, one of my good friends from college. Joco, is on her way home na rin. And of course, Kris is coming back from her one month business trip from US. I absolutely can’t wait. I’m excited. But they have their families too, and I won’t be spending Christmas with them also. So it’s not the same.

I need something else, and other reasons to cope.

And I stumbled on this which I haven’t been able to take on. It’s my better, more positive way of coping up with my feelings of Scroogeness. For the entire month of December, I’ve decided to accept the blessing challenge Chie gave me a couple of weeks ago. It focuses on blessings rather than on problems. It asks me to take on an attitude of gratitude. And it to continuously look for blessings in anything and everything.

As a Challenge participant, you will receive a daily email for the next 30 days containing a brief thought-provoking message, a quick exercise designed to stretch your “blessing muscles” and an affirmation to repeat throughout the day.

Thanks to Chie, I am willing to take the risk and be ready to the distinct possibility that my life will be forever changed for the better.


I invite YOU to take this challenge.



5 thoughts on “Blessing Challenges to counter Ms. Scrooge

  1. Thanks Yevka for sharing this!!! Even I, who has everything I need, still feel Scroogey during Christmas… must be the expenses! :bop:

    You truly are blessed… with terrific people to cheer you up at this level!!! Those are RARE!!!!

    Thanks for being our terrific person. :handsdown: 😉

    So can I whistle to a Christmas tune? :whistle: :glee:

    Miss yah gurl!

  2. How’s the blessing challenge going for you?!

    Know what? Its a lot harder than we think it it is. Imagine consciously putting yourself from the space of white light. Grabe! I am on my day 10 and know what, they say, the universe conspire to give you what you need to experience in order for you to make a CHOICE between your HIGHER self or LOWER self.

  3. Haha I have the complete opposite problem! I’m cranky and scoorge like all year! So when Christmas time comes around, it’s like I’m on valium! (Not that I actually know what that’s like… hehehe) But it’s a great idea Eves!! I might take it up another time of year ;D

    Can’t wait to see you too!! 12 more days and I’m home!!

  4. maeyo – yes you may sing me a christmas tune. can it be the “all i want for christmas is my two front teeth” song? i need holiday cheer. hehe. i miss you din. i guess it is the expenses. or the pressure of “goodness” and “giving”. my biatch side is reacting to it. so will you take the challenge? 🙂

    chie – heya. it’s still early waters yet, so can’t tell. i can’t even count the weekends coz i wasn’t able to check mails. yeah it’s always higher self vs. lower self. i can only imagine. good luck sa atin.

    reg – ooh. gimmick eto. we still haven’t figured out where we’re gonna go and when. could you diarize me in for a day. i think i can take a leave or 2 for you. 😉 still have loads of vl to go.

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