Dakilang kaladkarin


Just came back from the long weekend. I yet have to post pics, create an album, make loads and loads of kwento. According to Richard, I have enough stories about the weekend to last me enough blog entries for the month. I couldn’t agree more, although I’m trying to limit talking about it for a month – masyadong OA. 😆

I’ll start with how we got there.

We knew about the long weekend that was coming up and still had no plans. So when I met up with Richard and Mark to watch Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium (not recommended, unfortunately), Richard asked if we wanted to go to Puerto Galera with him and his office mate. Because I was in bad need of a vacation, I went along with the plan. Mark, on the other hand, preferred a gimmick where he can stay in dry land.

So Thursday came, and it rained all day. We made a few calls and heard that it’s most probably not safe to travel to Galera because of an upcoming typhoon. Uber disappointed, Richard and I regrouped Thursday night to see what our other options were. We decided to go for a long drive instead to Subic with Mark as the guide – he agreed and was, in my opinion, excited to go.

**Side note – during the short-lived siege last Thursday, they declared a 12-5 curfew forcing us to make quick decisions about our plans and call it a night earlier than expected.

Friday was Andres Bonifacio day and meeting time was at 8am (although Mark initially said we should meet up at 5am – yeah right). Richard and I were ready to go by quarter to 8, but didn’t know where our guide was. After texting, calling and no reply, we concluded that he could still be asleep. So plans weren’t going as we expected. Instead of calling it off, as probably we were being jinxed, we met up to go Tagaytay for a day tour. Richard, who’s never been there, brought his camera and we went off. It was during the breakfast when Richard’s office mate, Michelle said that she was on her way to Galera, as originally planned. Saying that her friend (who stays in Galera) announced that waters have cleared, and the typhoon has diverted course, it was now pretty safe to go.

The thrill and excitement for a beach weekend has died down with the constant foiled plans, and a part of me was unsure whether I was still up to it. But after the why-nots and where-elses, we eventually made a short trip to our respective homes before heading back on the road to go down south.

So there. We were in Puerto Galera, in Mindoro Occidental.

… watch out for more stories about this trip ….


How to get to:

  • Puerto Galera: From Manila you can get a bus to the Port of Batangas (about 3 hour trip). Almost all major bus lines in Manila have regular trips going to the Port of Batangas. From the port, the fastest way to any beach in Puerto Galera is to take a “banca” ride (outrigger boat) directly to your beach of choice.
  • Subic: From Manila And Any Point In Luzon. Take The North Luzon Expressway All The Way To San Fernando Exit And Pass Thru Towns Of Pampanga (Bacolor, Guagua, Lubao) And Bataan (Dinalupihan) To The Subic Bay Freeport Expressway. (Tipo Road, Bataan).
  • Tagaytay: The area could be reached from Metro Manila via the Coastal Road or the South Superhighway. BLTB buses from Pasay, Metro Manila having a destination signboard of Nasugbu or Balayan ply the route passing Tagaytay City. If going through the South Superhighway, take the Carmona exit and drive down through Silang up to the entrance of Tagaytay City.

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