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Every time I blog hop, I’ve been seeing Christmas lists left and right. I’ve already said that I only wanted a Nikon for Christmas. But for some reason, I’ve still been asked what else do I want. Especially from those who are coming home. (Want anything from here?)

Since the season calls for it, I felt the need to put out a wish list to help my family and friends, oh and my office mates. (It’s our Christmas party soon, and our wish list has been due already).

So, having said that, with extra effort and additional brain power I’ve come up with my updated Christmas wish list.

What Yevka Wants

  1. Nikon D40x. πŸ™‚
  2. A meaningful Christmas. This year, I still have no idea where I’ll be spending my Noche Buena. And because of that, Ms. Scrooge is trying to get out of the closet. It’s a conscious effort to keep her in, but I will be additionally challenged come NB for sure. Unless I have somewhere to go, something to do, with someone/people to be with that will get me past midnight of the 24th. I want this Christmas to be different. So dinners at KFC along South Super Highway wouldn’t count to make it meaningful. Nor will Desert Safaris. (However fun that one was). Nor home alones. What you can do, is to give me suggestions AND/OR be my company.
  3. Clarity. (No, it’s not an antihistamine). I’ve been jumping around ideas every other day, and there are times that I just can’t won’t do anything. Because I’m not clear of what I really want. I sometimes think I do and sometimes I feel that I’ve made a correct choice. But I still haven’t. Not really. Not completely. So help me by giving me some clarity. I don’t know how exactly. But be there for me as much as you can. I, however, ask that you not judge me or criticize me. Along with clarity, more importantly is Courage. Aside from knowing what’s right, part of me needs a push on the doing. I need that more than ever. You can help by encouraging me to just do it. Constant words of encouragement and affirmations, is what I need most.
  4. If you’re intent on giving me something tangible, then I’d prefer it to be made than bought. Pass-me-down, rather than off-the-rack. Something that would remind me of you, or that reminds you of me.
  5. Specifically to the making – Give me a letter, love or otherwise, handwritten, wishing me a merry, merry and a happy, happy. Preferably with at least a line or two of how you are’s and the what’s new. Include in a picture, if you may.
  6. Teach me something. Anything.
  7. Accompany me to Church and light a candle with me.
  8. Give me a hug.

Since shopping isn’t really my therapy (unlike most females), I couldn’t rack up my brain of what I wanted materially. It may be because I’m getting older. (Don’t get me wrong. Clothes, makeup, shoes still matter to me. It’s just not exciting enough.) So this is the best I could come up with.

Thank you in advance. :smirk: 😳


5 thoughts on “In addition to

  1. ate, surely there are some organizations that would have a NB for the less fortunate. Some charity work during this season wouldn’t hurt. besides, you’ve got what it takes to be a….social helper?

    there’s a convent near our place. they accept gifts and donations.

    be someone’s santa…

  2. @ ate. nice idea. πŸ™‚ but i’d rather use time, maybe food, rather than money to be someone’s santa. hmmm. think, think.

    @ poidy. tenchu. i like it din. and i don’t need to cross off anything kse repeat gifts are welcome, even encouraged. mishu na.

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