Attitude of gratitude

Today I commit to be thankful for every moment, experience and memory that happens against all odds, even if things go not as well as I’d like it to – starting at 10am and ending at 10pm. I’m putting it into a timeline because it’ll be easier to track down progress. And hopefully how I do today will help me gauge how I will “be” tomorrow.

10am: My first call of thankfulness is towards my officemates who make my day by teasing me like crazy and making me laugh.

11am: I’m thankful for a dedicated boss who encourages me follows up with me continuously and encourages me to work.

12nn: Thankful for my friend who came to my *rescue* in my need to make things right.

1pm: For the wonderful bonding session with a friend I haven’t seen for quite some time over a sumptuous lunch.

2pm: For being looked up to and making me feel that I add value. For being trusted.

3pm: Thankful for afternoon coffee to help me keep awake.

4pm: For being introduced to people with so much integrity, who proved to me that power is not evil.

5pm: For still having the knack to be a true blue bolera. :glee:

6pm: I am thankful for the people in the office who come together, and work together, in spite of each others differences – and for understanding that they are different.

7pm: For having the opportunity to see one of my closest friends in the planet who I haven’t met for ages.

8pm: Most thankful to talk to someone who gives me the opportunity to see a different perspective and a little bit of clarity.

9pm: I am thankful for the ride home, safely and soundly, which is a pleasant change (since I’m mostly a driver, rather than passenger).

10pm: For finally being able to say, it was a good day and hoping for more blessings the next day.

*** Accomplished off site ***


3 thoughts on “Attitude of gratitude

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  2. hey patrick. šŸ™‚ salamat sa pag bisita. miss ko na kayo. sana may get together. šŸ™‚

    yeah do the gratitude tracking. it gave me a good perspective yesterday at the end of the day.

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