Sixties kunwa


Here’s the closest I got to trying to recreate our dress up Christmas party at work. (There was no decent camera, nor any decent pose, so no decent view of what I wore, bear with me.) This was one taken during a game with my colleague (I didn’t play too well, too constricted with the short *dress*.) Take note. That’s fishnet. Hahaha!

Quick question. How is it that the guys didn’t need that much of an effort to create a sixties look? While the girls had to go all out, just to show that we’re from that era.

Click here for pics. 🙂 Btw… just in case lang you ask… my answer is “no comment”.


5 thoughts on “Sixties kunwa

  1. twister nga!! gleng naman ng ate ko! 😆

    instructions were, right hand on left cheek, right foot on right knee. tapos yung susunod di na namin kaya kse nga the dress, omg, the dress! parusa! hindi pwede sa twister!!

  2. omg!! such a game exists….where have i been all this time?!?!

    “time space warp, ngayun din!!!”

    (shigi shigi waka shigi huma…..)

    plus the fact that you looked so young…kulang nalang eh sepia shot…..

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