change attention focusing

I’m pissed at someone from work. Chie says “o dont be bad trip na.. or cge, be bad trip but be beautifully bad trip!”. Nice. Pano? Kate wouldn’t be too happy. Super dooper hard to choose higher self. Thank goodness my biatch, Kris coming back tonight from month long training. Looking forward to it. Actually harv, the husband, is much excited. I left the condo with him having the cleaners in, and his mom decorating the house with xmas decors. (I’d be much impressed if you did it, dude. But sige na nga. It’s the thought that counts).

Thanks to Ate for cheering me up. And yes, my situation isn’t that bad. 🙂 Just give me tonight lang. Tomorrow I’ll be done.


2 thoughts on “change attention focusing

  1. Ok lang to express anger. Di ba sabi ni Kate, it’s the awareness of the situation that matters. You shouldn’t shut off things just because you consider them bad. What we need to do is divert our attention towards the good thing that came out from that situation or maybe just take a different look at that person. Or if that’s too difficult to do..try what I do when I’m pissed…. I “indulge” on something that’s for sure will change my mood… may it be a fresh brew of Mocha Latte or a sinful Bisu cake or a chat with a cheerful friend… divert the energy that is on anger towards something that warms the heart. Kung baga… in your emotional rollercoaster today, get your ‘amazing dip or even 360 degree turns” and pump the adrenaline. 🙂 (dunno if you got what I mean).

    Shining some white light your way… 😉

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