What I need

Snagged a tag from this site I bloghopped into, Joy. Nice, nice.

Instruction: Go to google, write your name and the word “needs” in the google and click the Goggle Search button. Just for fun, see what comes out of your search. And then comment whether you do need what google says. 🙂

(I tried Yevka needs, but didn’t get any results. So I stuck with Evelyn needs instead).

  • Evelyn needs all the help it can get — it? yeah i need help.
  • Evelyn needs to socialize with him and his wife for a “look” for herself — um.. no. Haha! It could have stopped at “Evelyn needs to socialize” and I’d have agreed.
  • Evelyn needs to develop positive relationships with women — um. maybe…. but maybe need positive relationship with men more.
  • Evelyn needs to go home — hahahahaha! on most days, this would have been true. Today, I’m killing time.
  • Evelyn needs to move — heehee. yeah true.
  • Evelyn needs to learn anger management — hmmm. maybe…
  • Evelyn needs your help to win Miss Student 2007/8 — ah hahahhaha! no.
  • Evelyn needs Tenants — ooh yeah. Perfect for work.
  • Evelyn needs our Prayers and Chickens and such — Chickens? huh? Prayers, yes I need.
  • Evelyn needs Her Family — yeah I do.

Have a break! Go tag yourself!


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