A special guy in my life

I met him 2 years ago, around end of December. At first I thought he was really cute and he spoke with a twang. But there were times he drove me crazy because his requests were demanding, frankly also a bit spoiled. Nonetheless, I loved him to bits. And I can’t wait to see him again.

Today is his most special day. And because I’m so far away from him, it was hard to get him a gift. So instead, I did something for him. I created my very first digital scrapbook. 🙂 (bear with me this is very amateurish, but I enjoyed the hours I spent in doing this, because it’s coming from love).

Happy Birthday Andrew

So to my cutie pamangkin, Andrew Jairam, happy 5th birthday! May you always be blessed. I hope that I can experience you growing up. But since it’s been another year that I haven’t seen you, don’t forget that you have a tita who loves you.

3 thoughts on “A special guy in my life

  1. Thank you for the digital scrapbook page! Andrew loved it! Please print and give mama a copy for his files! It’s a snowstorm here kaya we had to cancel his party! 😦 poor boy! We have lots of pokemon cake in case you want it!

  2. Andrew said he’s not 5 , he is 6. In Karate he is 8, at school he is 7. He said he is even older than Brian. Okay….??
    oh wait, now he said anywhere he is 6.

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