Inspired by The World’s Greatest

The World’s Greatest is the theme of Leap 34. Last weekend was their third and final intensive. I chanced upon the leader of the pack over after-dinner last Friday and he asked me, “do you remember what our final rating was for Leap 21?”. Siyempre, hindi na. That was more than 3 years ago. “Guess what our team rating is?”. 100%? “Yep!” Wow! World’s Greatest nga!

Imagine this. You have a goal. Whatever it is. But for sure it’s not an easy goal. It’s a stretch goal. It’s a big goal. It’s a milestone to your life purpose. And it’s greater than you can ever imagine. And it’s scary. But yet you set out for it. There’s no guarantee that you’ll reach it. There are road blocks. Obstacles. Circumstances. Now imagine that you’re not going after just one goal. You’re going after three. All with equal stretches. And not to stop there. You are also assisting, supporting, white lighting a bunch of other people, say 60, get their set of 3 goals. You’re activities will likely triple, maybe more. Your days don’t change. Nor the amount of time that you get in a day. What is the possibility that all of you, all reach your goals 100%? Not likely?

Well, in OCCI and Leap, with the help of the facilitators, coaches, the program itself, team 34 set out for the impossible. And in the first time in its history, the World’s Greatest Team graduated with flying colors. I am impressed, inspired and much proud for the team, especially to their head coach who made it possible. I assisted this team only as an outside support, and yet can’t help but be amazed at how much they grew, how much the’ve proven that the bar can be raised from great to excellent.

Congratulations! You guys did an awesome job! Now go and live world excellent lives!

So do you have a goal that you want to be almost sure you will reach? Contact OCCI for program details and be prepared for the greatest journey in your life!


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