Gloriously High

I discovered digi-scrapping when I chanced upon my friend, Lex’s blog. So when I caught her online one time, I bombarded her with questions, which she happily answered being a scrapping addict. It looked like so much fun that the next time I was able to download, I went through most of her scrap blog links and hopped like crazy.

I created my pamangkins scrap page the other day, but that was nothing. Nothing to the possibility of scrapping.

I have accomplished my very first real scrap page. πŸ™‚ This was literally an all-nighter including major downloading galore. It was hard to get things started and once I’ve finished with something, I keep trying to change it! But after hours and hours, I’ve finally finished.

Anyway, here’s my first very amateurish scrap page that I call “Jump”.


By the way, pics were taken during my Galera weekend. I’ve finally uploaded the pics in my gallery but I can’t seem to view it. Hmm. Will update you once I know what’s wrong.

12/20/2007 update. Gallery okay and ready for viewing c/o, once again, by Master Chard. Talamat πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Gloriously High

  1. maeyo/chard – hey check out my newest digiscrappin upload. gawd sobrang na addict. haha! chard, tnx tnx! was just about to msg u to ask u about it. heehee.

    guys, gallery ready for viewing. πŸ™‚

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