5 best nights of my life

Another tag I snagged from someone I accidentally bloghopped. πŸ™‚ This one, just asks you to talk of 5 of the best nights of your life. I thought this was a bit difficult. I’m still waiting to add my wedding, baby births to this list. But since none of that yet … eto muna.

At no particular order:

  1. January 23, 1979. Okay this is a default answer. How could it not be? I mean, I’ve just been given a gift. What more could I have asked for?
  2. Birthday of 2004 – I was 25 and I promised to myself that after that party, I will *grow up*. Went on to have the one of the most memorable party ever with most of my friends present. (Invite the world, kse ang drama).
  3. March 2002 – The night I was given wings to fly and was told that I can. The best part was that I surrendered to it, believed it, and wholeheartedly accepted it. One of the most tear-jerking, heart warming nights of my life. Followed by touch therapy the next day. Major panalo.
  4. Christmas of 2006 – Okay, I did say that this was the year where I wasn’t scrooge-y on Xmas. It was the holiday when, for the first time in x no. of years, the entire family was complete (I’m thinking Xmas of 2001 was the last time we were all together – when we first all met Brian). We spent Christmas Day at the Dessert Safari, camel riding and watching belly-dancing. Much fun. It was also the first time that Andrew has seen Dubai.
  5. January 5, 2006 – I couldn’t put in my wedding, so I’ll put in the wedding of my brother. He and his now-wife met and live in Dubai. During wedding preps, they knew nothing and I offered to help coordinate fully. It was the first time to handle a wedding alone and on my own. And at certain points, I felt that I was the one getting married (tama ba naman pati ninong/ninang ako pinaisip?). The night of the wedding the sense of accomplishment was a whole different level. Having Ate as my sister-in-law was the ultimate best part. And her family was a plus. Imagine, the entire ankan danced to Pinoy Ako! Panalo!

Want to tag Poidy (curious to know ur answers – walang gayahan! πŸ˜›), Chie (tagal kse ng updates mo, girl! :naughty: ) and Chard (idagdag mo na to sa 20Qs, hehe!). Sana gawin nyo. πŸ™‚

Also available for snagging.


2 thoughts on “5 best nights of my life

  1. gawd! in transit kasi ako, at nakikisawsaw lang kame ng internet dito sa barnes and noble kaya di ako makabwelo magblog. shucks now i owe you 2 tags! :bop: thats okay, im excited to answer them pag may internet solid na. in the meantime makikipagkita muna kame kila bert and lian ha?! catch you later! πŸ™‚

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