from my heart

merry merry

I haven’t had time to surf because of the holidays (unless it’s a quick email/blog check) – most of the previous posts are scheduled as this one is as well. But it’s almost Christmas and I did say I wanted a meaningful Christmas. Normally I would have probably just stayed at home or sleep it out (it is after all, just any regular day). But since that wishlist post, I have expressed to the world that I wanted something different. And the world happily responded with different suggestions and offers.

Noche Buena will be as ampon with housemates Kris, Harv and Kris’ relatives. Initially, thought of NB hopping, but most of those who invited, also backed out last minute. Which was fine, because I needed the energy for the next day anyway.

Now for Christmas day got me many exciting offers and ideas. But I’ve decided to take on the soul searching-photo adventure-nature trip route which is a long drive to Ilocos Sur with good friend Reg. She’s my schoolmate friend from Ireland/Canada, and is here for the holidays. I’ll be the sabit here since it’s with her relatives. I only know her immediate family, and we’re not that close, but I do remember them to be very nice people, so I’m hoping that the relatives are just as nice.

I’ve never ever gone on this long of a drive. Ever. The farthest I’ve driven of too was to Quezon down south or Bataan up north (approx. 4 hours each). This, I hear, is a whopping 8-10 hour ride! But, as I heard, this is going to be well worth getaway.

So there. That’s where I’ll be spending Christmas. Partly on the road. Partly on a resort. It’s times like these that I wish that I already had a cam. Might as well make use of my point and shoot.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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