Having a Mocha Christmas

I’ve run out of scheduled posts. It’s a good thing I was able to go online today at Starbucks (free wifi, baby) to surf and blog. But not only that. I was able to finally accomplish completing my Starbucks stickers. (Yehey!) So there. After lusting for their leather planner for almost 3 weeks, with the help of friends, I now have my very own 2008 planner. Weee!


Many thanks to Reg, Allan, Kris, Harv, Kyle, KC, Danna, Jing, LA, Chris for helping me complete my stickers. :wave:

From http://www.brewed-coffee.com

Starbucks is currently giving away a Christmas planner – and a nice one, too. The idea is for customers to fill out a special card with stickers – 24 in all. Once the card is full, you can exchange it for the Christmas planner.

So how many cups of coffee do you need to buy to get all 24 stickers? Twelve regular flavors and 12 Christmas blends (of course the latter costs more). On first thought, one might think that this is just a scheme to get more money due to increased sales. This might very well be true. You should see the long lines in all Starbucks branches! Yet if you look at it deeper, you’d realise that more than just a sales ploy, Starbucks is actually giving money to charity from the sales during this period.

They have partnered up with UNICEF and with every planner that you get, a certain amount will be donated to Spark of Hope, a charity that helps out the less privileged children in the Philippines. Not bad, huh?

This activity has actually become a tradition for Starbucks Philippines and its countless customers. It has been going on for several years and though the planner changes every year (or maybe because of that fact), more and more people are getting into it.


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