Christmas road trip

candon sunset

Candon City Beach Resort, Ilocos Sur.

So there. Spent Christmas officially as a sabit. First with Kris and her family, and then with Reg and her family. I was at Reg’s place as early as 5:30 am and we headed out in a very short bit. It was just the two of us in the car, so we pretty much made it a girl’s adventure blabbered about anything and everything, made pitstops to get stuff to eat, and made mental pictures of the wonderful sights.

Mental pictures. That’s as much as we could do since neither of us had a cam. (Above pic taken from my handy dandy SE phone). So much for making it a photo journey. Oh, but I did have a point and shoot. Unfortunately I didn’t have any memory card. Crap! So I decided to bring my laptop so that I could keep on downloading the pics when they got full. Guess what. I forgot the laptop! Double crap!

On the brighter note, I was able to focus my attention to the company I was with and have a real vacation. No worries, no thinking, really low key. If I had the laptop with me, I’d be tempted to create my blog posts, do scrap pages from the pics I took, play games or what nots.

On a second brighter note, now I have other reasons to go back to Ilocos. Need to complete my photo journey. I heard form Joan that she had a Vigan photo adventure that I can go to. Sweet. More on that to follow.


3 thoughts on “Christmas road trip

  1. Hi Eves! So glad you came! Still wish my camera wasn’t down for the count. Have left lots of instructions with different uncles for photos. I’ll send them to you as soon as I get them. So jealous of your camera phone though!

  2. hey reg. thanks so much for inviting me. really had a swell time. you back in ireland, i presume… sorry for not texting anymore. slept most of the time since the ilocos trip. hehe. yes please send pics. 🙂 see you soon? 😛

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