Exchange gifts

Last 23rd was the reunion of my college SA buds at Makati. I don’t enjoy planning reunions with this particular group of friends because they’re terrible when it comes to replying to texts or emails, with the exception of a very limited few. Also, this group is a “package deal” setup, with mini-groups. (Hindi ako sasama, kse di sasama si ganito)… sheesh! So it becomes quite difficult to plan because to the very last minute, I’m unsure of the number of people I should expect. And there has to be an email reminder, a text reminder, a call reminder during the day of the gimmick, otherwise people would just forget.

Why I even bothered to plan to do this, I couldn’t remember. Oh yeah, now I do. My friend asked and I said, okay. Cheap ko no? πŸ˜› To add to my dilemma, he also asked me to do organize an exchange gift activity as well. Pahirapan daw ba. There are times when this group of friends (esp. the guys. Sorry guys… totoo kse eh! πŸ˜† ) are so KJ so a part of me was actually quite scared that we’d be the only ones to bring a gift. Sige na nga. Have faith that they will pull it through.

In fairness they did. Come 23rd, those who didn’t have a gift and was there before everyone else arrived, made a point to get something (siyempre may konting kanchaw from the rest who made an effort!)

The theme was “get something that reminds you of our group.” The person who brings the most creative gift, wins a dessert treat.

Here’s what people got:

  1. Wine –> dapat beer daw, because we’re a beer drinking bunch. Oh and Tambay’s delight! *** I even used to be part of training team drinking marathon — don’t think I ever graduated as I still can’t hold my alcohol. (Yo, Bum… kailangan ko na uli ng training! Hehehe!)
  2. Starbucks coffee mug and
  3. Starbucks coffee beans –> because SAs daw have graduated from the beer/wine drinking after a while!
  4. Keyboard wrist supporter –> kse nga, it was the computer lab that brought us all together
  5. A clock –> kse laging late mga tao! πŸ˜› Because our friendship has gone on for a long time. Naks.
  6. Joyously Single book –> Because we were all single once upon a time. Remember SMP? Samahan Malamig ang Pasko! Cripes. Only SAs will bring me back to corny days. :glee:
  7. Colorful Vase –> Colors represened the different colleges were we all came from but put in one place (aka the vase) to work together as one. Naks. Nice one, C.

Those who didn’t bring anything voted who brought the best gift, and it boiled down to the Joyously Single book by Dietz. (I want one too!) She even read the brief and it seems like a pretty cool read.

So to: Chard, Lala, Baby Niko, JC, Sherill, Dietz, Joan, Mikef, Che, Julia, Allan, Jing and Noc…. thanks so much for coming! Had so much laughs I could forget the hassle of planning. Promise, next time I’ll throw it back to Dietz. Hehehe! Miss you and hoping I could join the January activity.

Pics to follow.


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