And a Happy New Year!

My mom’s back in town with stories from her trip in Hawaii. So inggit. My parents are such traveling buffs that I can’t help but feel inadequate. Never mind. The coming 2008 is my year to let my feet go places. And I did get to go to Davao and Cebu (I can now say, I’ve been to LuzViMin) 🙂 Anyway, Hawaii looked beautiful in the pictures. It’s a definite must see in the future.

Anyway, so back to my mom being back. That means that I’ve officially moved back to LP as well. And I can’t help but feel that it’s tiny different from Cali Garden – what with no guards to greet you, no “free” unsecured/nakaw wi-fi and no cats to make lambing. On the brighter note, at least my parking is free (haay my biggest hassle in Manda), no cats making a mess and I’m back in my big and comfy bed. With my mom coming back also meant that I needed to clean up. My house has technically been un-lived since October, so dust has settled big time. It took me hours cleaning, throwing, straightening up because it was so dusty and I got mild asthma attacks from it. (Allergic to cleaning!) And of course, my mom eventually cleaned up as well hehehe. She keeps saying that her first activity is to clean up my house. Not true. We first unpacked and segregated the gifts for the relatives. Then we, rather she, cleaned.

Today, we’re heading to Lipa for New Year’s Eve celebrations. I’m a little less uptight going there as there are gifts to give. (Otherwise, my cousins/inaanak would come up to me – Ate/Ninang ano pamasko mo?) I wish I was one of the “young” batches, but luck would have it, I still have cousins who are babies.

And cripe, I’ve been hearing that I’m ninang to 2 of my new pamangkins from my pasaway cousins. Sigh. More kids that I need to give gifts to. Gosh, the holidays really are for kids! Not for the adults (in this case adult=me). It just makes me broke!! Kaya nga very good thing my mom’s here. She can help me take the load off!

Oh but who am I to complain anyway… I got my Christmas wish. Tee hee. (Future journal topic!)

me and nikki


Shall I call her Nikki? Naah… don’t like. What should I call my new Nikon?

Thanks to the Canada clan! Oh and to Glenny and Ate din for your powers of persuasion and the gift! The best kayo!!! I wuv you all!

5 thoughts on “And a Happy New Year!

  1. y not Nikko instead of Nikki? common na Nikki eh. At least when you refer to Niko, people would think it’s your boy toy… hehehehe

  2. aww…..

    Nikon D40x
    take out the numbers you have nikon dx
    you can make it Nixon?


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