My 2007 in review

Kris and I have a new years tradition. For years now, we’ve had a year end review. 5 major events that has happened to us. This counts as our 4th year, and we’ve been thinking of what our review would be for a couple of weeks already. I have to admit that it was hard to pick just 5 big events (good or bad) that made and broke my 2007. But here it goes.

  1. I was supposed to put in vacations in general, because this particular year had loads of them. And my Dubai trip would have to be the top. But I realized that it was already in my 2006 final five (since it was a Xmas/New Year vacation), and although all other trips were fun and memorable, it was the Davao trip that was extra extra. This was the trip that was most beautiful, most relaxing, and fun (isa pa ngang banana boat ride dyan!).
  2. (I could have made this two events, but because they’re alike, I’ll put them together.) I’ve attended weddings of several friends this year, but I would have to say, it was these 2 weddings that were extra special. Maybe because I was an abay for both, but more because these two brides are two of my closest friends who I was very happy to see tied the knot. Mae and Kris. I’ve secretly seen part of my life story in these two, so their getting hitched got me excited and slightly a little bit pressured.
  3. Rooming in California Garden. At least for a little while. Just because. I’ve moved back home now, because my mom’s home. Volunteer staffing in OCCI after being away for 3 years and experiencing my coachee shine.
  4. The “wasn’t meant to be”. I actually thought he could have been a somebody. But he wasn’t. He was just one of the “cannot be”. And I hate to admit he’s in my top 5, but he did give me reason to stand up and say at least I tried. And when he “left” did I realize that, heck, I gave it a chance, I did my part, but it didn’t work, so fine. I’m letting him go, but he did leave me much stronger, much wiser, a little bit more daring and adventurous too. And that it’s okay to have fun, and it’s okay to get hurt. But I know that I can move one.
  5. My breakthrough. ‘Nuff said.

I would have considered blogging something that made my year. But then again, it’s not really an event. And as Chie would say… I should be busy living my life too.

How about you? What’s your 2007 review?


4 thoughts on “My 2007 in review

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  2. ➡ My 5 things for 2007 are:

    1. I got married last September 8, 2007.
    2. My all expense paid US trip.
    3. I went to Disneyland with my cousins.
    4. Leaving IBM 😥
    5. Spending christmas and new year with my husband. :thumbsup:

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