It’s time to say goodbye

I’m free!

Today is officially my last day with Pronove Tai & Associates. I have hinted several times, have told some people of my plans, and this week, I confirmed with my colleagues that this will be my last week. And now, I’m confirming it here.

After almost 3 years of working, I’m done. I don’t want to go through the details of why I’m saying, I quit. But I am. Continue reading

The pick up line

During dinner and drinking session the other night, we remembered this conversation between my friend and her then-ex-boyfriend who she was trying to win back. Loved this winning line, and I’m wondering if I’d ever have the guts to say this.

Here’s how the conversation went:

Inside a clothes store.

The girl (holding up a blouse): Hey, bagay ba sa akin to?

The guy: Yeah bagay naman.

The girl: Alam mo kung ano mas bagay sa akin?

The guy: Ano?

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The need to make things right

People have been coming up to me to complain about this particular person. Generally I like these people. I consider them my friends, and when I hear their dramas, I empathize because I know where they are coming from. How they feel that this person has been treating them unfairly. I understand, because I, too, had my own share of my complaints at one point.

But I’m also a loyalist. Because I met this person way ahead from the others, I consider him my friend because he has taught me so much. And that through him, I’ve been a much better person. Though I’ve settled my own concerns with him privately, at one point, I can still see that he could be a better person to the others. But I also know where he is coming from and how difficult it is for him right now to give what they ask for. I also am aware that some of the people who demand to be treated fairly are not returning the same favor.

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I had a dream

And in my dream… you were married already. As in finished na before I knew. And I found out in friendster. At first I couldn’t believe it and then I saw a picture of you in friendster wearing a gown.

I can’t remember the feeling or my reaction in the dream, but when I woke up……………….

I was so disoriened. I really thought it was true. I wanted to call you up… and then I realized it was a dream…..

…. dear, huwag muna ha!


Letter I wrote sometime last September to one of the people closest to my heart.

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