Happy New Year!

I’ll be in Lipa when this post gets posted. Probably hiding from the putukan. If my mom wasn’t here, I’d probably want to go to a New Year’s Countdown with loads and loads of fireworks display. You know, the one you see in the movies. With friends, probably live band, good food, good music, partied up, and loads of people you don’t know. Not just a bunch of noise and mess at the garage of our ancestral home (read: ang bahay ni lola). I’d have to do my countdown on another year I guess because I’d be stuck with the firecrackers for this year.

Anyway since the season calls for it, this is my official new years resolution.

I resolute to:
– travel more
– be less masungit (cripe)
– take a photo a day (thanks to Nikki* not official name yet)
– eat less chocolates
quit smoking smoke less frequently
– track down my expenses
– make more money
– talk to 2 1 single new men every week (I got this from Bo! — future journal topic!)
– connect with my family and friends more
– do my completion activities (future journal topic)
– do something different each month
– journal every day (even if it ain’t live) — hmm maybe i’ll use my starbucks planner — and give thanks every day
don’t be late be on time more often

Okay. I’m hoping that I don’t break all of them in week 1. But I’ll keep you updated on my resolution. Wish me luck! What’s yours?


4 thoughts on “Resolutions

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