where did the celebrations go?

Happy New Year from the Laygo Family!


So was in Lipa for the New Year celebrations. And it wasn’t how I remembered it to be. For one thing, we weren’t as many as we used to be. There used to be a gazillion kids running around, loud music playing, children’s games, exchange gift even, and fire crackers started as early as 10pm all the way till midnight. And don’t forget the loads and loads and loads of yummy food that makes the festivities so much happier and livelier.

This time though, families came but also left around 9 or 10 to spend their countdowns somewhere else. By 10pm, I was saying, where are the people? Where are the kids? Why are the people who were left already sleeping or just playing with the computer? By 11pm, I was bored to death and decided to join the very few men (used to be the entire male clan) to drown down a couple of brandy shots. By 1115, I was expecting that firecrackers should at least start by now. The neighbors were already making their racket, but the Laygo house was still decently quiet. Is it how we would be spending the new years? No bang?

By 1145 though, we started getting our act together and prepared the firecrackers. People also started waking up, and getting ready to go outside as the noise outside became more and more. By 1150, we started with the fire crackers but ended a little after midnight. Bitin, even if I did say that I didn’t like fire crackers. After we ate a little, had some gift and ampao givings (which, I didn’t get any, hehehe!) and after that, wala na. Finish na.

Is it just me? Or did that just feel like an ordinary day?


Oh well…. At least it’s with family. And I guess at the end of the day, that’s what counts…

6 thoughts on “where did the celebrations go?

  1. ate, sino yung girl in blue with a kid? anak niya yon? hehehe.

    plus fireworks are expensive so kaya siguro bitin. tsaka buti na din yun. to avoid any mishaps and for the 2008 everyone gets to keep their 10 fingers. =)

    happy new year ate! ur new year ain’t that bad. it was just a tad too simple for you and ur taste.

  2. hahaha! kaya pala nag tataka ako.. si janice yun ate. anak ni tita yogi. the kid with her is sean, anak ni cheska – another cuz (wala sya nun).

    honga nabitin lang siguro. but last new years was quite a bore din kse nga we just stayed at home and i slept, remember? BUT i wasn’t as disappointed kse i wasn’t expecting much. I was kinda expecting more from here. saw pics from maeyo’s blog and THAT’s what i wanted to see….

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