The love for Wonderwoman

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i guarantee you, this letter will make you smile.



“Hi, do want to catch a movie? And if possible dinner… Dinner at the same table? At the same time… with me?”

How I wish I could just come up to you and ask you that, and I hope it would not be that awkward. Wishful thinking that I never thought would come to me in a dire and unforgiving place (no not prison!).

At first, there was the unconscious eagerness to talk to you, talk about something or anything that would at least give me a glimpse of who you are. Then unexpectedly someone notice that I act a little strange when you are around. She presume that I am fond of you or that I even like you.

As a defense mechanism (installed to me when I came out of the assembly line for geeks, nerds, and idiots), I instantly denied it, without batting an eyelid. Never seen it that way, until I have given it a thought:

1. Hoping to see you often (check!)
2. Hoping to walk and talk at the same time (check!)
3. Hoping and wanting to know you (check!)
4. Day dreaming of those (1~3) from ever happening (hmm… check!)

Yup, there’s something there! May be I was too preoccupied with so many things that I seem to ignore the things that keep me a little lighthearted. This feeling of wanting simple, trivial things over someone becomes something that matters to me. It has no explanations, no complications, just plain a simple feeling of desire (in a very wholesome way). It was sublime.
Hope I could have a chance to know you better personally. Almost every conversation with you seems to be an anticipation of having the chance to present myself. If I ever could get an audience of you, in a heartbeat I would ask you if I could get your number, ask if you have any plans this weekend, or ask if you don’t mind… can I be with you. Amazingly enough, I am doing nothing, I am just sending this letter to void…

There is an explanation, but as always, complications accompany it. However, I am not giving up on this so easily, I will find and make way so I may have the right, the chance to express the feeling that I have for you.



batman tsong, sana mabasa ni wonderwoman to. salamat sa kilig.


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