when thinking bad thoughts work

My sister called to say “do you have the mumps”? Aww. How sweet.  Were you concerned? Hehehe!

No, I don’t have the mumps but I look like I do. That’s just part of my attention seeking moment. Wahaha! (I’m being honest, sue me). I did, however, just came from a minor surgery. And it hurts. Now that may sound albeit serious, but it’s not. For the first few days of the year, I’ve been complaining about the swelling of my gums. I must be getting wise, coz the wisdom tooth (third molar) has decided to erupt right after the fireworks (dramatic entrance!). Last Friday, I visited the dentist, who told me she will need to extract it. After some antibiotics to make the swelling go away, she scheduled me for the operation yesterday (Monday). After almost an hour and a half (and apparently, that was uncomplicated and fast), the process was done.

Oh that was a long hour and a half! Most of the time, my eyes were closed. And for the life of me, I didn’t know how to take away my attention from the needle, the “pliers” and those scary whatchamakalits. The anesthesia helped, I’m sure, but not enough. And the dentist kept telling me, this is normal. (WTF?) And in the instance where it was to hurt the most, the extraction part, I needed several mind over body experiences to keep me from crying out. The “inhale-exhale” part worked for a bit, and the “think happy thoughts” for several moments; but what got me through most of it, believe it or not, was to “think bad thoughts”. And when I mean bad, I meant dirty. Go figure. I’m sick, sick, sick. Hehehe.

Anyway, it is day 2 of the healing process, but the pain has not yet stopped. Quite the contraire, the pain has heightened, and my dosage of painkillers has increased. However, I think the worst is over, and I can go back to thinking happy thoughts and wash away my mind from any impurities. I have to, since otherwise, I’m sure to be in a constant bad mood without coffee (bawal kse anything hot).

Back at work and hopefully, back to regular programming. :wave:


8 thoughts on “when thinking bad thoughts work

  1. ate!!! well done! atapang atao! hindi atakbo!

    the bad thoughts made me laugh! hehehe. that would make an interesting topic sa blog. :rotfl:

  2. Man o man… I’m dreading that this is happening to me too though the pain is never that bad. And my gums are definitely not swollen… haha no I’m just paranoid. Hope you’re doing well anyway!!

  3. Darn, I have that dilemma too. It means I also have to go through the needles and pliers soon. Argh!

    Good to know that you’re back, errr… up and running again!

  4. ate: ano gusto mong topic???? ❗

    reg & russ: a friend just told me about oral surgery where it shouldn’t hurt this much. they knock you out for 30 mins, and you’re fine after that. try that muna.

    russ: that makes me feel like a car! hahaha!

  5. 😮 Hehehe! Goody two shoes eh? And yes, kala ko may mumps ka… remember when we were kids, glenn & I had the mumps and mama had to go to the phils – so she took you along. I think she didn’t want you to get it! I was just going to say… buti nga – you have the mips! :lols: Goody two shoes pa rin?! :smirk:

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