The future is near

I keep saying that I have future journal topics, in my blog posts lately. Kris and I have this habit of having conversations where we’d jump from one topic to another, sometimes not finishing a certain topic or leaving it hanging, then go back to it. An eavesdropper would probably get lost along the way, as sometimes, we’d bring back topics that we’ve discussed a couple of days back pa.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t normally work with written posts. Even I get confused (where did that come from?) when I re-read my posts and tend to delete a big part because I’ve gone off topic. So the future journal topic is meant to remind me that “hey you… you had something to say back then. What’s your two cents on that again?”

Just in case I haven’t written about a certain journal topic (and it seems interesting anyway) do remind me via pm.

Yun lang. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The future is near

  1. i know, i know, i know!!!

    let’s talk about your most embarassing moment sa st. mary’s. the one that includes glenda and glenn in the kwento…i’m referring to the after school thingy…

    more clue….a car is also in the kwento.


  2. ummm… hehehehe. teka, sorry na lost na ako….

    I DON’T KNOW that embarrassing kwento. maybe it was really that bad. hahahaha! :lols: 😳 anyway, DON’T post it here, ate. :shutup: tell me PRIVATELY!!! just in case….


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