Feeling sluggish

It’s raining!!! For the first time this year (I think). And it’s been quite hot the past few days, that I’m quite amazed that it suddenly poured down. I think now (around 5pm) it’s just starting to stop, but since I woke up till the afternoon it’s been drizzling. Not the “you’ll get sick kinda wet” which is good. But still the rain makes me want to just go home and sleep.

But at the same time, I don’t want to just go home and sleep. Because I want to go out and gimmick. Kaso ala naman mayaya. *sigh*

So, I went online instead. I’m in my favorite coffee shop in Alabang to avail of my free drink *yey, freeloader mode na naman!* and of course internet. I also ordered an oreo cheesecake (yummy) so I’m set to have a pretty low key hour. After this, not really sure where I’m heading. Could head home… hmmm…NAH!


Anyway, since the weather’s making me sluggish, would like to update my resolutions list:

I resolute-d to:

travel more —> aside from Lipa, haven’t been anywhere actually. But planning something next weekend, yey!
be less masungit –> I’m going to have to say I was masungit… 😦 sorry.
take a photo a day –> been taking, but not sure whether they’re good enough to show. Waah..
eat less chocolates –> Need to quantify this… sabi nga ni Maeyo, has to be SMART.
smoke less frequently –> Need to quantify this… but yes, I’d have to agree…
track down my expenses –> Waah!!! No… 😦 Haven’t started.
make more money –> ahehehe. Not YET
talk to 1 single new men every week –> Di pa rin. That means, I need to talk to 3 single men by next week! Teka erase and rewind muna kaya…
connect with my family and friends more –> Blogging counts? Hey, you, need more connections? Hehehe.
do my completion activities –> Need to write it down first.
do something different each month –> Hmmm… Quantify?
journal every day (even if it ain’t live) and give thanks every day –> Not religiously, but I think I’m doing okay
be on time more often –> I was okay for the first week, my second week wasn’t too good. Need to quantify din.

Crap. This is going to be hard. Fine, will need to re-do my resolutions and make it SMART.

Update when I’ve come up with some sort of system…


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