Things to do

Need to write this down, otherwise I’ll forget. My things to do (this month)

For my blog:
– Change layout. Na bored na ako. Hehehe. New year, dapat new look.
– Still trying to work on at least 2 (decent) blogs a day, but it’s quite difficult, in fairness.
– My *tags* are messed up. I’ve been meaning to fix it up a bit and give it a bit more sense
– Problogging signup?
– Upload overdue pics – Davao, Cebu, Ilocos Xmas (paging reg!), SA dinner get together, New Year, Mom’s reunion @ Dusit… Hmm ano pa ba?
*Fix* stats report (paging Chard!) Thanks Chard.

For my work:
– Marketing / strategy plan for 2008
– Assist in hiring of new staff (we’re hiring. If you’re interested in a marketing/sales post for a corporate real estate firm, pm me. :))
– ESH proposal
– Call / follow up all existing clients
– Goal setting for marketing team
– Dbase upgrade (?)

For moi:
– Set up trip next month. πŸ™‚
My birthday’s coming up! Special something?
– Papers (as part of my completion?)
– Car registration and change ownership


5 thoughts on “Things to do

  1. Stats report now working.. sorry for the delay.. if i hadn’t changed my theme i wouldn’t have solved your error. :teehee:

    check mo na lang ulet :peace:

    haha.. natutuwa ako sa mga smileys.. parang andaming maliliit na tiyanaks sa blog :hiya:

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