Almost fired

So anyway, last week I had a scheduled meeting with someone from one of the five star hotels in Manila. One of my colleagues scheduled it for me so I didn’t know who exactly I was meeting, but initially, I thought it would be a simple 30 minute meeting that would basically talk about the available spaces that they have that they wanted us to lease out, similarly how I did it for another hotel. I didn’t bother too much, nor did I do much homework or prepare any documents. Man, did I feel unprepared.

I met with, no less than the head honcho of the hotel, their resident general manager. And at the very, very least, I was grateful that I had stock knowledge from my experience from the other hotel to give me some credibility. In all fairness, I did ask, during my first telecon with them, but the person I spoke to was also unclear with what they needed or wanted. And I did think that it would be with her, modesty aside, yakang-yaka naman – dapat. But it wasn’t with her. And had it not been for the power suits, I’d have had it made. But I did feel under-dressed (where was my coat when I needed it!!!), unmade up (why, oh why, did I settle for light make up???) and unprepared (and where’s my power pen / power notebook!!!). I almost, almost, forgot to bring my business cards (my boss would have disowned me at the spot, had she known my unpreparedness), but at the last minute, I found, tucked deep in my kikay kit, a couple of business cards. Whew. Close.

So I guess, all I had going for me was bola. Marketing stuff. And, as I said earlier, stock knowledge. Oh, and don’t forget, an ever reliable marketing associate. It helps to come in pairs for business meetings. I almost left him back, mind you. Buti na lang hindi.

I have at most this week to come up with a power proposal and hope that it would leave a better impression than the first. But before that, I need to sit down with boss dearest, (or at least telecon) whether we are cut out for this. With the scarcity of talented and dedicated staff, ahem ahem, I can’t do this alone. This is going to be a 6 to 12 month in the making. I most probably won’t even see this through.

Lesson for the day: no matter what happens, always be prepared.


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