I know it’s almost my birthday because…

  • Friends have already given me a birthday card through mail; particularly local Las Pinas mayor and Marlboro.
  • Social networking sites have been flashing my birthday (multiply, friendster, facebook din ata, ringo).
  • I’ve already been hearing the word that haunts me every time I meet family, friends, coworkers, and, is that random strangers? …. the word is “leeebre!!!!”.

  • During dinner the other night with my friends, at those restaurants that sing and give birthday freebies (or just want to embarrass patrons), my friends pointed to me and said “Siya! Birthday din nya!“and I had on my fake smile with my pleading eyes to the waiters, “please, tama na!“.
  • Not only have I seen birthday messages from my social networking sites, I’ve also been reminded of the birthday of one of my closest friends, Maeyo… who always reminds me of mine because we’re just a day apart. **happy birthday, Maeyo!:)**
  • The text messages are starting to come, as well as greetings via email. **chee, thanks!**
  • I keep hearing the numbers 2 and 9 before going to bed for almost a week now.
  • I keep dreaming of a perfect birthday day, but I think it’ll have to be just dinner, thank you.

8 thoughts on “I know it’s almost my birthday because…


    Its only in the philippines where friends ask for “libre” when its your birthday but in other countries its the other way around. I find it weird that YOU, as the birthday celebrant, should pay for other people’s food on your special day. When the celebration is basically about your having another healthy, wonderful year here on earth. This day you should feel like a princess. It only happens once a year that you can say that “this is my day”. People should treat you out because they are greatful of you and your existence in their lives. So, MY FRIEND, where and when do you want to have dinner. MY TREAT!!!

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