Last thing I expected on my birthday…

… was to get sick. :yuck: 😦

Yep, i was sick. With fever, flu and all. When I went to work last Tuesday, I was feeling a bit chilly already, but still fine. It was around lunch time that I felt like I was burning. 😡 Not my favorite feeling in the world, I canceled my meeting and went home a while after. The drive home was difficult, and there were times I wanted to pull over and just take a nap. But my need for a warm blanket was an even greater force, so I decided to bear it.

It was a little after 4pm when I slept at my Tita’s house, woke at 7pm for dinner. Evening plans with my relatives (dad’s side) was canceled as well because I was sick. My cousin texted to say “kawawa ka naman, birthday mo pa man din!” just to make me feel even more pitiful. Well it wasn’t my birthday yet, but I still felt bad that it had to hit me at this time. Afterwards, my mom and I headed for home. Around 8pm I was fast asleep already. I received a couple of miss calls around midnight to greet me, but I was dead asleep. Sigh.

On my birthday itself, the fever has gone, but my head still felt like bursting. Because of that, and that it was my birthday, and that it was my mom’s last day, I decided not to go to work.

I went to the mall instead with my mom. Just to finish last minute shopping and bilins. The very most that made it feel like a something special was a foot massage (after walking most of the day) and a Parker pen gift from my mom (engraved I Can! -> my mom actually laughed at me kse corny daw).

There was supposed to be a dinner after (invited the ones from the night before, plus my relatives from my moms side din), but the Caratao babies were sick din, and the Laygos naman decided to cancel the dinner and come in the morning instead. So no birthday dinner either.

I already had a week-ender-how I’d spend my birthday-blog all planned out last Monday pa. But since it didn’t turn out the way I wanted to, well, I’ll settle for gratefulness to birthday greetings instead.

And will look forward to what the next few days have got to offer. Di pa naman tapos ang birthday week ko eh. Hehehe! :rotfl:


4 thoughts on “Last thing I expected on my birthday…

  1. aww…cheer up ate…. :stolenkiss:

    if it’s any conslation, my birthdays are also jinxed. :poke:

    you’re kuya always screws it up… :handsdown: for three consecutive years yun ate. he never missed a year…

  2. oh no… :flog: haynaku koya! :shame: bad bad bad….

    ‘Sokay. I’m doing okay naman today, much much. Kaya I’m looking forward to belated celebrations. hehe.

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