I had a dream

And in my dream… you were married already. As in finished na before I knew. And I found out in friendster. At first I couldn’t believe it and then I saw a picture of you in friendster wearing a gown.

I can’t remember the feeling or my reaction in the dream, but when I woke up……………….

I was so disoriened. I really thought it was true. I wanted to call you up… and then I realized it was a dream…..

…. dear, huwag muna ha!


Letter I wrote sometime last September to one of the people closest to my heart.

Text conversation this morning:

You: Malapit na ako ikasal! Shhh.

Me: Huwhat?!

You: Totoo talaga. 3 months pa lang kme, pero I feel he’s the one. Check my friendster, andun siya.

Checked out your friendster, and true enough. I saw you, for the first time, in the arms of a man I’ve never met. Checked out his friendster, and saw his profile picture of him kissing you. I reacted violently.

Me: Grabe! 3 months! It’s too soon. Pag isipan mo ng matagal yan kse hindi biro ang kasal kasalan. You’re both still very young. But go and enjoy each others company. I wish you luck sa love life mo.

You: Salamat sa pag payo! Appreciate your concern. But does that mean pumapayag kang mauna ako sayo?

Me (Not texting back): Ayaw ko… 😦


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