Weirdos at the rock concert

As a last minute kaladkad, I went with my Tita, Tito and their young son, my inaanak (godson), to the live concert of My Chemical Romance at the Fort open field last Friday. It was my first, I think, to attend a rock concert. Because it was my Tita and Tito’s way of giving in to their son’s request, but not spoiling, they got the cheapest seats – and it wasn’t even seats. It was the standing part of the open field at the farthest end of the concert. Their son was happy, nonetheless, just to catch a glimpse of his favorite band and to sing to their tunes.

I have to say, I didn’t really know who MCR was, or their songs, until I heard the “Welcome to the Black Parade”. All other songs, although okay lang, I just wasn’t familiar with. And here was my 9 year old godson who knew the lyrics to all their songs. Made me feel, to an extent… old (fashioned).

Anyway, so we were at the far end of the field. And the stage was so-ooo small from where we stood. Because there was not much use to focus my attention to the band, I was more conscious of the other people who came to watch. I noticed that the cheapest tickets came with a bunch of weirdos. Most of the attendants were kids and teenagers who were with their barkadas or classmates. The guys wore outrageously punk or grunge style, mostly in blacks. The girls also mostly in punk, wore the shortest of skirts, and darkest of lipsticks. My tita and I would luck at each other and chuckle every time we’d see a horrendous looking outfit walk past us. It was the kind of outfits you know for a fact that they would regret in wearing after a few years time, when they see their pictures.

Aside from the attire, I also heard many of them cuss out foul languages, saw many young guys smoking, and a lot became rowdy especially when MCR finally came on stage. MCR themselves, favorite line of the night seemed to be “Are you having a fucking awesome night, Philippines?” I joked to my tita that my godson could easily pick that up by the next day.

Anyway, attending the rock concert made me realize just how tame I was when I was younger. And how weird the youth were becoming. However, during the concert, wherever I looked, I saw the punks, the grunges, and the weirdos. And whatever way I looked at it, the only people who seemed strangely out of place, would be me and my tito and tita. Especially me, who did not know the songs or the band, was at their concert.

So just for this time, I am more than okay to accept that they were the normal ones, while we were the weirdos at the rock concert.


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