a week has passed

Since my birthday.

And on my birthday, I was sick. Also, Heath Ledger died on that day. So that makes it two things that didn’t go well.

Sigh… :daydream: I absolutely loved him here…

But I have to be thankful for the things that did go well for my birthday (and the days that followed).

  • My Parker pen gift from my mom;
  • My The Secret gift from Aileen;
  • My Ninong & Ninang’s ampao gift (woohoo! haven’t had an ampao gift for a long time… coz I’m usually the one giving the ampaos);
  • Birthday lunch treat from Richard and then Kris;
  • Birthday celeb at the office;
  • Loads and loads of greetings (all medias – text, calls, emails, facebook, friendster, comments in this blog, personal mail, etc.);
  • The no-fever on my birthday day;
  • My official birthday leave where I got to spend additional time with my mom just before she left;
  • A foot massage after all the walking in the mall;
  • A generally good day after a sick-ish previous day.

It wasn’t a *big bash* as I originally wanted it to be, but it was just fine. Chie’s thank you birthday post that I read this morning made me remember all of the things I am grateful for. (Thanks Chie for being a source of inspiration.)

I’ll leave all the adventures for the next month… 😎


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