The need to make things right

People have been coming up to me to complain about this particular person. Generally I like these people. I consider them my friends, and when I hear their dramas, I empathize because I know where they are coming from. How they feel that this person has been treating them unfairly. I understand, because I, too, had my own share of my complaints at one point.

But I’m also a loyalist. Because I met this person way ahead from the others, I consider him my friend because he has taught me so much. And that through him, I’ve been a much better person. Though I’ve settled my own concerns with him privately, at one point, I can still see that he could be a better person to the others. But I also know where he is coming from and how difficult it is for him right now to give what they ask for. I also am aware that some of the people who demand to be treated fairly are not returning the same favor.

Before my very eyes, I see the cycle of resistance, resentment and revenge continue.

Now I have this strange need to make things right. Technically I have no involvement, aside through association. And if I ever try to step in, just when I’ve decided to step out, means that I’d have to go through their drama again and help make sure that they are okay.

But if I do step in again, will I be helping or will I just be a meddle? When will they learn to stop whining, when will he learn to be more just and when will I learn to let go?

And what is the lesson for me? Is it to trust that they will work things out? Or should I put in more compassion and be and advocate of good graces.

I may have to quit while I’m ahead… before my need to be superwoman becomes an inch greater.


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