It’s time to say goodbye

I’m free!

Today is officially my last day with Pronove Tai & Associates. I have hinted several times, have told some people of my plans, and this week, I confirmed with my colleagues that this will be my last week. And now, I’m confirming it here.

After almost 3 years of working, I’m done. I don’t want to go through the details of why I’m saying, I quit. But I am.

As I leave the company, I know that I’m leaving as a much more wiser, more maturedMoving forward and stronger individual than I came in. Pronove Tai will be one of my biggest life lessons, especially in commitment, responsibility and loyalty. I will forever be grateful.

I’m now looking forward to moving on, moving up, and exploring my highest potential. Wish me luck. 🙂

Pictures with permission from the model. Hahaha! :naughty:


6 thoughts on “It’s time to say goodbye

  1. :wave:
    Good stuff, enjoy the adventure as much as you enjoy the beginning and end of it. To go out and leave what is known and safe is scary, but to never go out and try is a feeling that never goes away.

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