Action packed February

I did say I quit. But it doesn’t mean I’m no longer busy. In fact, my February is more hectic, especially my weekends. So here’s a rundown of where I’ll be on Feb.

This weekend, I’ll be going to La Union (According to Reg, it’s pronounced as L.A. (Y)Union, teehee 😛 – sorry dear, I just had to!) as a spectator to Travel Factor‘s Surfvivor Challenge. I just got my itinerary. I’ll see on Saturday if I have the guts to go for the surfing lessons, because right now, I’m just interested to be a spectator and take loads of pics.

I’m a bit sad that Kris and Harv won’t be able to join. 😦 Last minute, they had to cancel because of schedule concerns. But I’ll be with my colleague and I know we’ll have an absolute blast!

Can’t wait.

The weekend after, (most probably on the Saturday) I’ve made plans to go to The 12th Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark. I don’t think I can afford the balloon ride though ($150/pax!), so I’ll skip that and again just take pics. We’ve been told that it’s best to go their when they start inflating the balloons (which is at 5 in the morning) and stay when they come back in the afternoon. There are several activities to look forward to in the in betweens, as well.

The Valentine’s weekend, I’m still contemplating of what to do. This alone is my only free weekend, to date. Hmmm… any suggestions, guys? Make it a valentine theme maybe? Singles party? Another out of town? Any invites?

And of course, how can I forget, I’ll also be going to Palawan, with some of my college girlfriends. I have absolutely no clue what the plan is, all I know is that I bought my tickets and am just waiting for further instructions.

Right after that, I’m heading to Singapore. Yep, my Singapore that has been delayed and postponed several times over. I had a friend who used to work there and when he first started, he was already inviting to visit. Of course, there were plans, but all that were canceled for whatever reason. That was around 5

years ago. He’s already in London. If it hadn’t been for Cebu Pacific’s 8 promo, I probably would have still be twiddling my thumbs waiting for the perfect opportunity to fly.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not only weekends that are packed. I have already schedules for the weekdays as well. This includes: authentication of documents, having Henry fixed, going for medical checkup, meetings (gasp, for the office – those that were postponed from January), Henry’s registration and change of ownership, go shopping (seriously, this is included in my plans!), take care of my mom’s plans… hmm I can’t think what else.

So when I said action-packed – I mean action packed.


One thought on “Action packed February

  1. Ah crap. Hahah can I help it that I was brought up in the western world? And in my defense: it was in all capitals so it was easy to mistake it for L.A. UNION rather than La oonion hehehe ;D

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