January rundown

I have a Feb rundown in a bit, but I have to give credit to my adventures in January first.

In January, I:

– was in Lipa for New Years countdown
– went to the Dusit party with my mom (pics to follow –> I think this is the 3rd time I’ve said this)
– saw El Pueblo again! ** it’s still so cute!** – One of my residential condo projects from way back

el-pueblo.JPG trinoma.JPG

– had my first Trinoma experience
– had my wisdom teeth extracted
– gave driving lessons (mahirap din, akala mo…)
– attended a Fernbrook wedding šŸ™‚

fernbrook.JPG bulacan.JPG

– went to a farm in Bulacan with my mom and her friends and ate fresh tilapia (yum!)
– went to The Farm at San Benito in Lipa (more pics to follow)
– attended the My Chemical Romance concert
– watched I am Legend and Todd Sweeney — both good but made me squirm, scream, cover my eyes! Haha! Not a fan of gore, suspense, or horror….
– had a simple birthday
– said goodbye


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