officially a surfvivor!


Trying to surf, while my instructor looks ahead…

The people at Travel Factor are addicts. Addicts I tell you. I got home around 1am already and headed straight to bed. When I woke up, it was already lunch time. My whole body hurts because of being thrown around by the huge waves, a little burnt from being under the sun most of the time, and partly a little itchy – don’t know whether it’s caused by the sun, sand or salty beach… but it’s itchy. I’m currently in my relatives’ house to blog and to check up on my emails. When I visited the Travel Factor blog, I was surprised that they’ve already posted the pics from this weekends getaway! When I checked the time, some of them were posted, most likely as soon as they got home. As I said… addicts.

Anyway, I had loads of fun. It was everything I wanted it to be…

  • a photo adventure
  • bonding with my friends (LA, Joan, Allan)
  • met new people
  • learned something new (surfing!!!)
  • a travel adventure
  • enjoyed the waves, sunset and cools surfers
  • etc. etc. etc.

I’m on prepaid dial up so my connection is really, really slow, so posting pics is taking forever. I’m going to have to have to do this on another day. In the meantime, do check out the Travel Factor multiply site and the links of the other photogs below.

I’m officially a SURFvivor! 😛

8 thoughts on “officially a surfvivor!

  1. thanks guys! you should try it next time you’re in manila! 😀 lavit!
    russ, add up mo na si travel factor para you can be updated with their gimicks. 🙂

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