washed out

washed out

Pic care of Randy Tamayo.

This was my last wave. I told my instructor, isa na lang (one more time) please. So he said okay, then gave me a push as soon as the next wave came in. Not yet ready, he was shouting at me “Evelyn, tayo na (stand up)!”, and I was like “wait, Chris, I’m not ready!”. So I ended up in that position until I reached the shoreline where Randy was and who took a quick shot of me, while I was laughing and saying “but I wasn’t ready!”.

My friends have been telling me to post my pics already of our surfing weekend. They seem to think I’m an addict as well. Hahaha! So here you go as promised, some of the pictures from La Union. Bear with me, if you’ve been to the Travel Factor multiply site, and saw the really cool pics, especially those surfer pics, mine won’t be as detailed. It was hard to get a good shot of the surfers because they were so far! And I don’t have that long a lens. Hehehe. Nonetheless, I did enjoy taking shots. Click on the pic below. :teehee:

Our “class picture”. (Dami namin, noh?) This was the biggest surfvivor class, apparently. Initially I was just expecting a couple of vans, but we ended up taking two buses because of the amount of people who signed up! Sweet!


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