break from surfing

I’ve been posting all about the surfing weekend. I need to break it, otherwise, this could turn out to be some sort of addiction. Imagine, aside from making my own posts, I’ve been ooh-ing and ahh-ing other Surfvivors multiply accounts in most of my online surfing hours.

Anyway, a break I need. I have two accomplishments from yesterday.

1. Had a fantabulous meeting with a prospect client for Pronove Tai. (I know, I know. I’m no longer part of the company, but I still had a meeting. It’s part of my turnover.) My (former) colleague said, “Grabe, I learned much more from you today” as compared to the previous meetings I brought him along. Hmm. Is this part of my “I miss you” syndrome? My knack for “sales talking” is taking to place. I must be a good bolera after all. *Hope you bring this forward, K.

2. I created my own multiply account. 🙂 My original multiply account was for YevkaNJenne, my wedding coordination racket biz with my friend Jenne. However, since we’ve both been busy with our own thing, neither of us have been doing any marketing. And that lead to non-activity for close to 5 months now.

Anyway, I’ve been networking with multiply using the ynj account, but it didn’t seem quite right to make comments coming from both of us, when it was really just me. So yesterday, I decided to create the new multiply account.


I don’t plan to duplicate any efforts (it’s too tasky), but use it as a means to keep in touch with the rest of the multiply-ers.

I do, however, like the calendar feature, which I don’t have here in my blog. So unless I find a widget that allows me to post my “Where the hell is yevka?” calendar, I’ll be updating that.

So there. What have you been upto?


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