Simplify – make a theme

I did post at the start of the year my resolutions. And I did give an update of where I was shortly after. Reg has said it most correctly when she mentioned that I was gunning for too many items and thus, it would be difficult to go after all of them, all at once. (I am not superwoman!)

Also, while bloghopping to Althea’s site, I saw her “themes” vs. resolutions post. I kinda preferred that to the resolutions I’ve initially come up with, and this seems to be the better answer to the superwoman cluttered resolution list.

Creative alternative

Rather than setting specific, measurable goals, set a New Year’s Theme. A theme is one word (or set of words) that serves as your “game” for the year.

In the past, my themes have included “flexibility.” That year, I got rid of almost everything I owned to the point where I was able to move apartments in the back of a taxi with only two trips.

Some past themes of mine include “platform,” “impact,” and “creating a movement.” Readers of this blog have sent me their themes which have ranged from “laughter” and “joy” to “new beginnings” and “(embracing) imperfection.”

I am still formulating my themes for this year and will announce them next week.

Setting a New Year’s Theme is fun. It’s easy. And it enhances your every day creativity.

Stephen Shaphiro. Source

I know this may be a couple of weeks late, but as far as Chinese calendars go, then I’m only a couple of days late for a New Year theme. Not straying too far from my original do’s and dont’s resolutions, and supporting some of them anyway, I’ve come up with my theme for the rest of the year.

It is simplified to just one word. “Adventures”. I think I’m already in the right track anyway. But just to put some clarity, my adventure worthy year, would focus on risks, doing something new, and always forward movement. Whatever talents I already have will support these adventures. I look forward to excitement, fun and challenges.

As always, wish me luck. Hello Year of the Rat.


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