All hot air, no balloons

A weekend where everything that flies – that was the promise ad of the 12th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival.

Unfortunately, I only saw this balloon (and it wasn’t even a real hot air!) on their third day. Luck would have it. It was the only day we went to.


It should have been called the 12th Philippine International Kite Flying festival instead, because there were no balloons! Blame it on the wind, it was so strong that they weren’t able to inflate, let alone take off. We were there as early as 6am barely sun rise. So it was quite disappointing that we came all that way for – well, nothing.

kite flying

In fairness, there was an attempt to inflate some of the balloons. But as I said, it was too difficult because of the winds. (They quit halfway through). They mentioned another attempt to inflate around the afternoon (we weren’t in the area though) but I heard, that the winds were still too much – instead they did some sort of torch dance.

semi flight

Because I went with my photo-hungry friends, we couldn’t let the day go to waste. Even if we didn’t have that many balloon shots, we did have other shots that made the stay in Clark worthwhile.

armed men

We left around brunch time (we were there since 6am, so it was still a considerable amount of time spent). We had lunch Kapampangan style and then headed to a nearby site, Nayong Pilipino, for other picture taking escapades.


Anyway, I still need to post the pics in the next few days. πŸ™‚ Watch out for it.


5 thoughts on “All hot air, no balloons

  1. @ reg: yeah… dreamy effect…. you’re right. hehe. :daydream: it’s a trick that was taught to me and because i wanted to use. will see where to use it next time.

    @ jo: actually we saw you. pero yagit kse kme! hahaha! πŸ˜› we were outside kase. although our organizer friends were willing to let me in (kaso ako lang) pano yung ibang kasama ko? so we just stayed outside. too bad noh? the balloons didn’t fly. we were at nayong area till around 7! di tayo nag kita?

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