Another goodbye

It’s time to put to a close my other *job title*.

Another tick on my checkbox. After months of not seeing each other, primarily because of our schedules and the non communication, I was able to meet up with my wedding planner partner Jenne for a short bit this afternoon. Our biz has dwindled for quite a period, that not even the busy wedding months of December and January, brought us any event. I’d blame it on lack of advertising, or active marketing, but mostly I guess the priorities were definitely different. At least on my end, I felt the need to work on my moving forward, and I believe Jen it was to focus on her primary business.

Today, we called it to an (un)official halt. And we did that by closing our joint account. Now, there’s just a little bit of accounting left, and probably closing of the multiply site but all in all, it’s au revoir to the biz.

By the way, if you are interested in the Wedding Coordination service, Jenne is the person to talk to. You may contact her here. It’s now called Jenne (sans Yevka) Events hehe.

Jen, I wish you best of luck to your endeavors and I know that this is an opportunity to reinvent the entire Jack & Jenn network to include the coordination bit. I’m just here if you need anything.

Thanks for all the happy mems that our biz brought us. :stolenkiss:


3 thoughts on “Another goodbye

  1. it doesn’t seem possible unless i’m in manila. very local industry kse, sigh.anyway, it’s all good. as much as fulfilling as it was, it wasn’t enough for a decent living…. at least for me it wasn’t yet….

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