I’m off…

I’m off to my final February adventure (I’d have to consider Singapore as a March adventure). It’s a 5 day trip to Palawan with some of my college buds. It’s too bad that a balikbayan friend won’t be able to make it (truth be told, she was half the reason I wanted to come to this getaway in the first place) because she couldn’t fly back to Pinas in time. So I won’t be able to see her when she does come because I’ll be in Singapore by then.

Anyway, I intend to make this vacation a truly relaxing one (never mind the red). I’ve been quite stressed for the past couple of days, what with running around, selling Henry and what nots. So you most probably won’t be hearing any stories for a while. I hear we’re going to Dos Palmas although I have absolutely no idea where that is. Never mind. About time I do. 🙂

Sun and sand, here we come!


4 thoughts on “I’m off…

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