Throw that pic away!

Just some thing I came up with. I’ve been using the “remember this” for quite a few scraps already, and have decided to officially call this a “Remember This series”. I have more *ancient* pics to scrap. I’ve actually dug them out and have already layouted in my head how I want the scrap to look like!


*Click on image to enlarge.

Anyway I’m not quite sure the year, but I’ve assumed a Summer of 1998. These are of my SA friends from college. Most definitely incomplete, as we’re such a huge group, this is one of our Laguna outings. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the pic with Chie in it (si Chie pa talaga ang nawala, sorry!!!) but I so love this pic because it’s almost complete. Don’t worry, Chie, I have some pics to scrap with you in it! 😛

I miss those days. I can’t believe it’s been roughly 10 years!

… I’m feeling old na. Hehe.

** I showed this pic to a friend and she’s like, “throw that away! I look ugly there!” Instead of throwing it, I scrapped it. So there. 🙂


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