Offline diaries: Puerto Princesa Adventure- Part 1

Day 1 in Puerto Princesa – Jinxed trip
Feb 22, 2008

We stayed at this place called D’ Lucky Garden Inn. Although, I’m not quite sure if we were so lucky (at least for the first bit). Our trip kinda started in the least ideal way possible and could even be jinxed. I said that one of the reasons (half anyway) that I agreed to go on this trip was because of my balikbayan friend who was coming. Two weeks prior the trip, I received a message from the airlines that they cancelled my flight and asked if I would like to rebook or refund. I rebooked instead. It was right after that did my friend say she couldn’t make it. (I would have seriously backed out if the events were reversed). Anyway, from a group of 8, we became 7.

When we headed to the airport this morning, it seemed to start of well. My friends seemed a bit distant, though I was guessing it was lack of sleep, so I didn’t prod. During boarding, I was separated from the group being seated almost 15 seats away. So I took my much needed R&R. It was just an hour’s flight, and by the time I regrouped with them, it was in Puerto Princesa’s airport, while waiting for our luggage.

Instead of excited faces (like what I was feeling), they were all glum. When I asked what was wrong, I found out that one of our barkada, Chrys just received a call (as soon as the plane landed) that her father was in the hospital and in critical condition. And that, according to the doctor, he just had a few hours to live. We arrived the airport at 9:30am. By 10:30am, Chrys and another friend were catching the returning flight back to Manila as chance passengers.

The rest of us frankly didn’t know what else to do. As much as we wanted to catch the next flight with them and give our support, we were just too many. By staying, it seemed quite difficult to have fun, when at the back of our heads, we were worrying over Chrys and her dad, and something about it just didn’t seem right.

But since our hands were tied anyway, we decided to push through the trip as planned.

Our first agenda though was to find the earliest flight back home. We visited the local booking offices of Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines and Air Philippines for their availability, but none would get us earlier than our original booking. Jing, the best friend of Chrys, was thinking of being a chance passenger along with her boyfriend, but it didn’t make sense that the remaining 3 of us would be left behind.

Sigh. Not exactly the ideal way to start an adventure.


5pm (same day) – The jinx continues

So we just got the news. Chrys didn’t make it in time. Ten minutes before she arrived, her father was announced dead. And so, from our end – hands, arms, shoulders, legs and thighs tied, at most we could do now, is say a prayer for her dad.

*** Next posts would have to be about the adventure. This is just way too sad.


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