A place to call home?

An overdue kwento, as requested by Ate

When I accepted the offer for my new job, I had one major problem. Where will I stay? It was a concern because, I was leaving for Dubai a day after I received the offer, and coming back just before the new work starts. So the looking for a new place was going to be difficult because of time constraints. While in Dubai, I searched online for possible places so that when I get back, I would just go straight. But it didn’t happen the way I wanted it to. I was searching and negotiating and emailing prospect landlords and roommates, but none of them seemed to fit my bill – decent price, close to work, available by mid April. I had to ask my friend who hosted me before if I could bum at her place for a few days, which thankfully she did. Heaven sent!

When I got back, I went to the office the very next day. Our HR said that I still needed to do my medical to get my work pass. I asked if I could just start the week after, so that I could look for a place as well, while waiting for the medical report. It was a go, so my next agenda was to look for a place. Continue reading

Day 6, although feels like a month already

My head’s bursting. What with 2 nights wee morning hours of overtime, in a row, I badly need sleep. I think, for some reason, the world is telling me, “okay, you’ve had your fun for almost 3 months, now it’s time to work”.


I had something to share about work earlier. But I FORGOT about it already. MEMORY GAP, waahh!

Anyhow… I’ll just go home and continue my blog later…

I miss you guys. (Pinas, Dubai, Canada and plus plus) Write me something………………………………….

all work and no play

It’s officially my first week on the job. I haven’t really given time to tell you about it. Only because, even if it’s my first week… it’s overtime galore already! My gash! Day 2 caught me staying till midnight… and apparently that was normal. That was midnight, and giving up. My colleague stayed on and went home at 4am. Huwhat?!

Oh and here’s another thing – I don’t have access to YM, skype, meebo or whatnots. I don’t have access to any of the blogs. I don’t have access to anything! If I need access to any website, I’d need IT’s help. And I’m not about to tell IT that I need to update my blog or write an entry. Also I don’t want to send personal emails from my office email, as I’ve heard, that this gets screened as well. Huwhat, again?!

Anyway, I’ll get up to speed by the weekend.

a shot of B52

When I was in Dubai, I had only one night of gimmick. I did say that I was at home most of the time, but there was one night when I stayed over at my friend, Loida‘s place, because we were going to a shoot the next day. I had dinner already, she hasn’t, so she took me to a bar/restaurant place in Aviation Club, where she could have dinner, and I could have some drinks. Loida ordered for me a bullfrog that she said was made up of 6 or 7 concoctions including vodka, tequila, gin and rum (correct me if I’m wrong). After that, she ordered two shots of B52s (which was basically Baileys with another liquor), for each of us.

Continue reading