My blogging holiday

I think the my best way of describing it is me going on a blogging holiday. Aside from emails and instant messages, I tried to stay away from tinkering on this blog so as to focus on the actual holiday as well as the job hunt. For a bit, I even had a friend change all my passwords. (Friendster, facebook, multiply and this blog). That way, even if I wanted to lounge, I couldn’t. (I only reseted all the passwords when everything started to fall back to place).

I didn’t mean to go offline for this long though. I guess the “staying away” bit went longer than I expected. Initially I was trying to kick the habit so that the focus was on what I felt was more important at the time. Blogging, admittedly, became a bit of a time waster, ESPECIALLY when I had more time to waste. I felt that I needed to control it, otherwise, when I start working again, it would be harder to kick.

They say it takes 21 days to kick a habit. Because I took more than that, I now kinda feel out of it. My writing groove is either not there, or is just too overwhelmed with what to share with you.


I guess a picture. A picture is where I shall start of with.

Isn't he beautiful?

This is Baby Beau Cyrus. He is my newest nephew. He is also my main reason why my April was hectic and full of unexpected surprises. To date he is just a month and a day old. When he was christened around two weeks ago in Dubai, I made a surprise attendance, surprising even myself because it happened so fast.

It was a short vacation. Most of the time I was just home. And it was fine because I got to spend time with Beau. I helped feed him and burp him and play with him and put him to sleep. Mostly he was just sleeping. When Ate wasn’t looking, I tried to wake him up because I wanted to play with him. But he doesn’t usually wake up for me. Hehehe. So I just watched him sleep.

I miss him. I miss looking at him. I miss seeing him pouting, or smiling, or crying. And I’m going to miss him growing up. 😦 With everything that has happened so far for 2008, I think that I will only regret not being able to spend time with him.

For now, pictures (and stories) will have to do. So Ate… take loads and loads and loads. 🙂 I look forward to more!

So that’s Beau. Sigh. My writing groove’s back because of Beau.


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