New. New everything.

Okay. So obviously, I’ve changed my layout. Actually Richard has (so thank you, dude. Although you kept pushing me to the back burner for this one! Hahaha!) I’ve been wanting to change it since New Years (that would have been perfect for new everything). But Richard’s too busy daw, and I was too wishy washy which layout to choose from.

Anyway, this is my “Blue Paradise” layout. This wasn’t my first choice, mind you. Richard uploaded another layout for me almost a month back, but since I had so many adjustments that I needed to make with that layout (change this, do that, delete this, etc, etc) and didn’t know how to on my own (a friend actually told me to learn it on my own, but I was too lazy to), I looked for other layouts that didn’t need much changes. This layout was the only one that I can leave as is and love it like that. 🙂

Along with the new layout, is the new WordPress upgrade! I heard about this from Reg, in an uber funny post, but never really felt that there was much difference. Until Richard upgraded and in turn all his wordpress accounts, he upgraded as well. And it’s a beaut! I love the dashboard! Makes it so much easier to do my editing and stuff. 🙂 Sorry if you can’t relate, though. Just trust me that it’s a wonderful upgrade. (Less the smileys as not yet as compatible). I miss my smileys. 😦

Aside from the new physical changes on my blog, there are several new things with me as well. Loads in fact that I feel I’m going to be backlogged for quite a bit. The leave of absence was well worth it though. Had so much fun along the way.

In the meantime, I’m posting this na. If I wait to write down all my stories, then I’ll never get this blog up and running! Till next post!


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