a shot of B52

When I was in Dubai, I had only one night of gimmick. I did say that I was at home most of the time, but there was one night when I stayed over at my friend, Loida‘s place, because we were going to a shoot the next day. I had dinner already, she hasn’t, so she took me to a bar/restaurant place in Aviation Club, where she could have dinner, and I could have some drinks. Loida ordered for me a bullfrog that she said was made up of 6 or 7 concoctions including vodka, tequila, gin and rum (correct me if I’m wrong). After that, she ordered two shots of B52s (which was basically Baileys with another liquor), for each of us.

Now I don’t know whether you know, (some of you know actually), but I’m actually a cheap drunk. I know that technically I only drank one cocktail and one shot, but if you count the number of alcohol that goes with that, well don’t blame me that the floor started to move under my feet.

I admit, damn… I was tipsy… but not yet the bad kind (I don’t think I embarrased myself yet). But another one of those B52s and I’d probably be doing something crazy. Anyway, it was definitely a night of laughs (the one where you just keep going and going) and major catching up with Poidy. I was thankful that I had that night (and was looking forward to another, had the scheds not been too hectic) as I haven’t gone out like that in ages. All of my friends in Dubai were in the family track, thus most of the discussions went around “grown up” matters. Which wasn’t bad. But just before I headed back to normalcy, I definitely needed a night where I could have fun as free as I could, without any holding back.

Thanks, din to you, Poidy, for such a memorable night. Love you girl!


3 thoughts on “a shot of B52

  1. hi yevka. thank you din so much for a great night. salamat po super for spending that time with me and i will totally miss you. i wish you didnt have to go…

    and no matter how much you say you werent drunk…YOU WERE!!! you couldnt even walk straight, let alone by yourself. and you were so LOUD!!! nyahahahhaha 😀

    maryska’s last blog post..yevka in dubai?

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