all work and no play

It’s officially my first week on the job. I haven’t really given time to tell you about it. Only because, even if it’s my first week… it’s overtime galore already! My gash! Day 2 caught me staying till midnight… and apparently that was normal. That was midnight, and giving up. My colleague stayed on and went home at 4am. Huwhat?!

Oh and here’s another thing – I don’t have access to YM, skype, meebo or whatnots. I don’t have access to any of the blogs. I don’t have access to anything! If I need access to any website, I’d need IT’s help. And I’m not about to tell IT that I need to update my blog or write an entry. Also I don’t want to send personal emails from my office email, as I’ve heard, that this gets screened as well. Huwhat, again?!

Anyway, I’ll get up to speed by the weekend.


2 thoughts on “all work and no play

  1. That’s Exag!!! 😯

    Hope you get through find in your first week. :hug:

    Haaayyy… 😕 just when I am starting to get used to getting a regular dose of your blog posts. 😉

    Update soon! :bop:

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